Therukkoothu | தெருக்கூத்து

During the classical Sangam period the art of entertainment by merging story telling, drama, dance and song was born. It is called as the therukkoothu and performed by highly multi-talented artists. More than entertainment therukoothu educates the rural people about religion and their history. It is very popular among the rural areas and through ages it stand without any modern trace. It spread through south India, the early Tamil country now the modern day Karnataka, Kerala.



The Mad rush

The Mad rush by MRK Clicks
The Mad rush, a photo by MRK Clicks on Flickr.

“I wanted to talk to my son…
but he did not have the time…
i wanted to scream about my feelings….
but he would not listen…
Why would he spend time or listen to an old man after all.

I was neglected and was made to sit in between the sheer madness of rush for money….

This is what my dad should have felt when i did not have time for him”

A man sitting in middle of the busy OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) near Sholinganallur.

Kambattadi mandapam – the hall of light

For many years i have been believing in god religiously though i do not know how spiritual i was. As a photography enthusiast i slowly started studying light and started realizing the importance of it and believing light is god which was proved during my visit to this temple. Once i entered the kambattadi mandapam in front of the Sundareshwarar shrine, i saw the play of light. The hall is famous for the sculptures and beautifully carved pillars. Though my mind raced to click pictures, i sank admiring the place and it became a lasting impression.


Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple – Part 2

Ok. Here is my photoblog on Meenakshi Amman temple – Part 2 . See PART 1 HERE.
While sorting out the postable pictures, i did not understand where certain pictures were taken though i remember the directions. So i browsed through the temple map (Available here) and found out that i was roaming and clicking for 3 hours near the corridors of the Sundareshwarar shrine itself.

Lessons learnt:

  • Many many visits are needed if you want to photograph permissible part of the temple campus.
  • If you are a light fanatic, you will stay near the Kambattadi mandapam forever. Move on as there are so many halls to explore.
First Nandhi

Nobody will miss this huge Nandhi, while coming through the east entrance. Nandhi has to be worshipped before worshipping Shivan and is followed in all Shivan temple.


India’s glory – Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple

Recently i happened to attend to my friend’s wedding near Madurai and i used this opportunity to visit Madurai’s most famous ‘Meenakshi Amman temple’ for the first time. I saw it like every other temple only, with my passion for photography. But even after coming back from the trip, the memories kept on running into my mind…constantly. Then, another close friend got engaged in Madurai and i visited the temple again without expecting anyone to accompany me, because thinking about the temple itself was so exciting and having a company is not a deal any more.
There is so much of charm and charisma in this temple that attracts so many visitors (devotees) every day. Thus i happened to publish my first photoblog with pictures of this temple. You would have seen so many pictures of this temple but i want to give my version and vision of it and i hope i have documented it well.

Doves fly over one of the mighty Raja Gopuram, the north Gopuram of the Madurai Sri Meenakshi amman temple


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