Crowd pullers of Ranganathan Street

Ranganathan Street, one of the busiest streets and a landmark of Chennai where the poor as well as rich wander.
This commercial hub where you can get things from rs: 10 to 10000 is one of the crowd puller. But what makes it so crowded? Who really pulls this much crowd? It will look like the giant firms like the Saravana, Jeyachandran, Ratna, etc who somehow own most of the street are the major crowd pullers. But I feel it’s the small vendors right from flower seller to bag seller who own this street. We sometimes see the big and fail to notice the small. But the small always affects in a big way. Most of the people from Chennai would have definitely bought something from these small vendors. It’s the small vendors who makes it Big.























© MRKrishnamoorthy. All Rights Reserved.


One response

  1. Awesome series of T.Nagar!!!..Kudos MRK !!!

    April 11, 2013 at 6:16 pm

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