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Crowd pullers of Ranganathan Street

Ranganathan Street…..A paradise for both sellers and buyers…..You make a list of things to buy and you have chances of getting everything here…cheap 🙂 So who makes it lively:



This Side of the story | A series

Just a SIDE LOOK series 😀



Veda pada Sala / வேத பாட சாலை

The Vedas are the eternal truths revealed by God to the great ancient Rishis of India. When it is applied to scripture, it signifies a book of knowledge……



Chettinad | Tamilnadu

Chettinad, the land of Chettiars is a region in the Siva Ganga district of Tamil Nadu…




BLURrr… A Photo Series!

Blur or motion blur is the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image or a sequence of images. Blur is all about movement and motion. Yet if we see carefully…



2011…The year that was…

2011 has been a mixed year for me. Ups and downs. Some time good. Some time sucked. Some time happy, some time sad, some time confused…

It is the year of my gear 🙂



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